Thursday, January 4, 2018

Visiting the Chiquitania Region of Bolivia

Located just a few hours from Santa Cruz is what could be the most underated tourism region in not only Bolivia but all of South America. The Chiquitania region is fantastic, its culture , friendly locals and stunning scenery makes it a MUST VISIT DESTINATION for all tourists coming to Bolivia.

Here are a few of the highlights from the Chiquitania region.

Chochis and Sanctuary Church

This stunning rock formation and sanctuary Church is a must stop destination on the route through the Chiquitania, there are many trekking areas, waterfalls and stunning viewpoints. A simply magic destination.


Simply one of the most magical view points in all of South America, the Mirador of Santiago de Chiquitos overlooks thousands of hectares of forest from the Valley of Tucavaca. A tip is to head there late in the afternoon to observe large flocks of Macaws as well.

Bathing in the thermal waters of Aquas Callientes

Another must visit destination in this region. Bath in the thermal waters of Aguas Callientes, the largest thermal river in Bolivia. Its also an amazing place to observe Toucans and the vibrant birdlife of this region.

Explore hidden caves on the regions many wonderful trekking options 

Take a step back in time to visit the Jesuit Mission Churches of the Chiquitania

Simply a must for those wanting to learn about the Jesuit Missions, here we can arrange high quality tours to learn about each of the Mission Churches and this region.

If you are visiting Bolivia then make sure to include this amazing region on your itineary. We offer day tours though to multiple day packages which combine the Jesuit Missions and the Chiquitania. These tours combine culture with impressive landscapes and nature and is a wonderful trip for people of all ages.

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