Tuesday, April 12, 2016



Just a 45 minute flight or overnight bus trip from Santa Cruz Bolivia is the city of Trinidad , a base for what could possibly be the most spectacular yet unknown region in Bolivia.

The small City Trinidad lacks infrastructure however its the ideal base for a huge variety of destinations, some of which are the most incredible in all of Bolivia. It sits on the verge of the Amazon Rain forest and the Beni Wetlands which is the 2nd largest yet most pristine Pampas Swamp lands found anywhere on the planet.

The worlds largest rodent , easilly seen close to the City of Trinidad

The first of Trinidad's attractions literally start as you leave the airport and can be combined with an excellent TRINIDAD CITY TOUR  keep an eye out as you can often see Capybaras which are the worlds largest rodent literally by the side of the road, continuing on you can visit 3 impressive Museums which include the Icticola Museum, this museum has an extensive display of the regions many fish species which include everything from the giant Moturo Catfish up to the infamous Red Bellied Pirinah, moving on you can visit the Tropical Botanical Museum which displays many of the wetland and Amazonian plants of the region including the Queen Victoria Amazonian Water Lilly which is famous in this area. Last of the Museum is the Cabildo and Archaeological Museum which is a small yet very informative area which shows the regions Moxos culture and many indigenous tribes history and artifacts.
The next attraction is the main Plaza, people watching especially seeing hundred of motor bikes fly past mixed with a fresh fish or locally produced steak is a must while in the City , keep an eye out in the Plaza also for resident Sloths which can be seen with a good eye.

Incredible sunsets over the spectacular Mamore River

The last main attraction of the City of Trinidad is the famous Laguna Suarez which is extremely  popular with the locals, here swimming, trekking and bird watching are the areas main activities.

After exploring the City its time to get off the beaten track and start to explore the regions true wonders which is its pristine Amazon Rainforest's and Pampas Wetlands, the first major attraction is the Pink Amazon Dolphin which can be seen during boating expeditions of the majestic Mamore River, a popular trip is a Full day Pink Dolphin Tour to observe not only Dolphins but Capybara, Caiman's and a huge assortment of bird life too.
Some of the worlds best Pink Amazon Dolphin Dolphin sightings can take place here

Next on the list of attractions in this region is the beautifully located CHUCHINI WILDLIFE RESERVE, this area is set in a private reserve just 15 km from the City , here you have a basic yet comfortable lodge where we can arrange boat trips, treks into the jungle, bird watching , fishing, night spotlighting boat trips and much much more.Jaguars, Tapirs, Ocelots, Macaws and Pink Dolphins all can be seen in this incredible Wildlife Reserve.

For birders the Wetlands and Island Forests of Beni are a paradise, and no birdwatchers trip to Beni is complete without a sighting of the critically endangered Blue Throated Macaws. These beautiful and endemic Macaws are only found in this region and we have developed a specilized Blue Throated Macaw Day Tour to a private Ranch where you can photograph these birds in the wild. As part of the tour you also stop by the Blue Throated Macaw Conservation Centre where you will meet an extremely dedicated team of staff who are working to save this critically endangered Macaw.

The critically endangered and endemic Blue Throated Macaws, which are frequently seen during our One day Blue Throated Macaw Bird watching Tour.
This is just an example of some of the regions incredible yet ingnored attractions, from world class bird watching , fishing, Jungle tours and observing rare mammals like Jaguars, Maned Wolves, Marsh Deer and Giant Anteaters it literally is a nature lovers wonderland.

 To find our more infomation about the Trinidad region and its attractions please contact Nicks Adventures Bolivia, www.nicksadventuresbolivia.com