Sunday, May 3, 2015

Andean Bear captured on camera in Amboro National Park Bolivia

Two years ago , we first ventured into the spectacular Amboro National Park , this expedition was based on finding out which animal species where here and also the potential for low impact Eco Tourism , as we trekked deeper inside the Park we were greeted with large animal tracks which were larger than the human hands, the claws were a dead give away that it was not a Puma or Jaguar but was of the elusive Andean Bear, these tracks were everywhere and seemed to be just hours old.

Elated with this discovery we placed camera traps along the trails where the bear tracks where and left the area, 2 years later and after multiple unsuccessful visits to the park we had nothing to show for , that is until yesterday.

2 months ago we decided to set up a camera trap in an area rarely visited by tourists and as we retrieved our camera we were surprised to see not only Ocelots,Pumas, Margays,Tayra and Brocket Deer in the photos but a large and spectacular Andean Bear.

This photo of the beautiful Andean Bear has been 2 years of hard work , and we are delighted that this amazing animal is surviving in one of the most beautiful National Parks in Bolivia.

Note : we do not give an exact reference to which part of the National Park this image was taken, sadly Andean Bears are hunted for their body parts for Asian Medicines and also shot on sight by ranchers and local hunters.

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