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The vast majority of travellers whom travel to Bolivia usually only stop and see Uyuni Salt Flats, La Paz before exiting the country via Lake Titicaca. We are here to show you that Bolivia has some of the most incredibly diverse National Parks and Protected Areas in South America where you can have some of the best wildlife watching experiences combined with some of the most breathtaking landscapes as well.

Here is a list of our favourite National Parks in Bolivia


Our overall favourite National Park in Boliva, the spectacular Madidi National Park is one of the most diverse areas found anywhere on earth and it has some of the most intact Amazon Rainforest which is teeming with Wildlife, an all too common mistake is for tourists to book the cheapest lodges where wildife sighings are hard so if you are going to visit pay the money and you will have a one in a lifetime experience. This park is home to a staggering amount of wildlife which ranges from Harpy Eagles though to Jaguars, Tapirs, Spider Monkeys, Giant Otters and Giant Anteaters.


Situated in the Santa Cruz department is the giant Kaa Iya National Park , this park comprises of the last remaining Chaco forest which is part of the worlds 2nd largest forested area. Kaa Iya is internationally famous for its big cats, especially the elusive Jaguar and its literally one of the BEST places on the planet to observe the Jaguar. This park is a must of wildlife watchers and is also excellent for seeing smaller cats such as Ocelots , Geoffrys Cats and Jaguarundis as well as Giant Anteaters, Pumas and Tapirs. Due to its remoteness and restricted access this park can only be entered by using a reputable TOUR OPERATOR


Bordering the Uyuni Salt Flats this national park is one of the most amazing places on earth , over 40,000 tourists per year flock here to see the incredible landscapes, colorful lagoons, wildlife and geysers. This National Park borders with the Uyuni Salt Flats and is a MUST for any traveller visiting Bolivia.


Just a few hours drive from the City of Santa Cruz is the diverse and most accessable Amboro National Park , this park is known by its variety of ecosytems which include Yunga Cloud Forests and Amazon Rainforest. This park is famous for birdwatchers especially to see the Andean Condor, Military Macaw and Horned Currosow. All of the mega fauna can be seen here including the Jaguar, Spectacled Bear, Puma, Giant Anteater and more. 


Situated in the Cochabamba department this National Park stands out because of its unique geology and dinosaur tracks. Attractions of the park include beautiful waterfalls, cave trekking , natural craters, fossil deposits, bird watching and incredible rock formations. 


 Situated on the border of Brazil and Bolivia is the spectular yet rarely visited Otuquis National Park , this park is deep in the Bolivian Pantanal and offers birdwatchers and nature enthuists amazing opportunities to see a huge variety of wildlife. Capybaras are everywhere, as are Caimans and if you are lucky Yellow Anacondas, Giant Otters and Maned Wolves can be seen. Literally thousands of birds can be seen here and its one of the best birdwatching destinations in Bolivia.


Perhaps one of the most remote and intact National Parks life of the planet, this park is famous for its diverse landscapes and wildife , here pristine Amazon Rainforests merge with Pampas swamplands and many other divese landscapes. The park is famous for its giant waterfalls and Maseta Caparuch which covers over 100km of mountain and grass Savannah. This park is home to thriving populations of Jagaurs, Tapirs, Harpy Eagles and even the Bush Dog and Giant Otters are found in good numbers. Access to this park currently is extremely difficult and we hope in the future it will be opened up to small yet sustainable tourism.

These are just a few of the stunning National Parks Bolivia has to offer, so we really advise travellers to Bolivia to research and you will find there is MUCH MORE TO BOLIVIA than just La Paz and the Uyuni Salt Flats. 
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The unknown bird watching paradise in South America

Unknown to most, Bolivia is one of the best places on the planet to go birdwatching, from seeing the majestic Harpy Eagle though to the critically endangered Blue Throated Macaw and Red Fronted Macaws this is a must stop destination for serious birdwatchers.

Here is a list of our top birdwatching destinations in Bolivia.


Just 3 hours from the city of Santa Cruz is this small yet spectacular National Park, it comprises of many different ecosystems and as a result is one of the best birdwatching destination in the world. The park itself has over 840 species of birds ( Highest of any National Park in the world) and famous species include the Harpy Eagle, Military Macaw Andean Condor and the critically endangered Southern Helmeted Currasow.


This beautifully located community run lodge is based in one of the only breeding colonies of the critically endangered Red Fronted Macaw, here you have incredible birdwatching and photographic opportunities to see this endemic and beautifully colored Macaw in its last stronghold.


Just a few hours drive from Santa Cruz is this incredible Condor Trek which is most likely the very best location to observe this giant bird in the wild, some trips you can see over 100 Condors in a day and the usual is around 20-30 Condor sightings per day.


If you are a serious birder than you MUST do a trip to see the endemic and critically endangered Blue Throated Macaws, there numbers are between 150-300 left in the wild, here they are only found in a few small populations in Beni Bolivia and we arrange trips to see them in 2 different locations


Literally one of the most spectacular and bio diverse National Parks on the planet, Madidi National Park is a must visit destination for all bird watchers and nature lovers alike, Here you can see anything from Harpy Eagles, Huge flocks of Macaws eating clay and literally hundreds of other species. Sadiri Lodge is located on the border of Madidi National Park and is internationally famous for birders.

 Overall Bolivia is a birdwatchers paradise, if you are interested in birdwatching in Bolivia or any of our birdwatching tours in Bolivia then CONTACT US TODAY FOR BIRDWATCHING TOURS IN BOLIVIA

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


 The best Jaguar viewing/wildlife watching destination in South America



When one thinks of viewing Jaguars in the wild nearly everyone thinks of the North Pantanal, however after years of research we know better. Located 6 hours from Santa Cruz Bolivia is the world most pristine Chaco forest in the Kaa Iya National Park.

Kaa Iya National Park is internationally famous for Jaguars, many big cat studies have taken place here and bioligists put the Jaguars population inside the National Park at over 1000 cats, which makes it one of the most important areas for Jaguars in the world.

One of the many Jaguars you can see inside Kaa Iya National Park

Kaa Iya National Park is not for everyone , its remote, hard to get to , extremely hot and has limited infrustructure, that being said those that visit can have some of the best wildlife watching in not only Bolvia but the whole of South America. Another reason to visit is that in comparison to the ultra expensive North Pantanal where they offer Jaguar tours, Kaa Iya is still inexpensive in comparison

Amazing close up sighting of a female Jaguar in Kaa Iya National Park
The lowest price tour in the North Pantanal is around US 2000 Dollars per person where for Kaa Iya you can arrange a high quality Tour to Kaa Iya National Park for under 1200 per person.

In addition to seeing Jaguars, Kaa Iya National Park is exceptional for viewing a huge arrange of wildlife, Tapirs are seen frequently as with Pumas, Ocelots, Armadillos and a huge variety of Birdlife.

Kaa Iya is National Park is not only about Jaguars, its also the best place to see Tapirs as well.
As Kaa Iya National Park is extremely remote, it also has restricted access so tours to Kaa Iya National Park can only be arrange via a licenced tour operator, Nicks Adventures Bolivia are the specialist in this area and have been operating tours here for the past 3 years. There wildlife viewing success speaks for itself and in May this year on a tour 6 Jaguars, 5 Tapir and 5 Armadillos were seen on one tour.

Another Jaguar sighting in Kaa Iya National Park with Nicks Adventures Bolivia
So if you are an avid wildlife watcher and are aiming at filming Jaguars, Tapirs, Armadillos or many other species in the wild then look no further than the incredible Kaa Iya National Park. For more information or details about how to enter Kaa Iya National Park then  CONTACT US TODAY

Monday, June 6, 2016


Travel in style and comfort  


The Uyuni Salt Flats simply are a MUST while travelling through Boliva, every year millions of travellers visit, yet while the scenery is incredible many leave having terrible experiences. Drunk Drivers, poor quality 4WDS, horrible sleeping conditions and even tour operators being linked to drug trafficking.

With this in mind we have taken these issues out with our private 3 day/2 night Uyuni Salt Flat Tour, here you can relax in a high quality 4WD, enjoy the comfort and heat of the Tayka Salt Hotels and even have a satelite phone and oxygen tanks in case of emergencies. Our friendly guides who are experts in the region will take you to the best attractions available and where possible avoid the crowds.

 During your time to the incredible Uyuni Salt Flats we take care of everything so that you have more time to experience the amazing sights such as this.
 Excellent views and high quality freshly prepared meals are all part of our Uyuni Salt Flat Tour

Incredible wildlife watching awaits , we try where possible to avoid the crowds of tourists as well.

Have you ever slept in a hotel made of Salt ?

So what are you waiting for ? If you are booking a trip to South Amercia or Bolivia then contact us today about this and many other high quality tour packages we offer.


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Our latest and exciting birdwatching Tour in Bolivia takes you to a spectacular private Ranch in Beni Bolivia to see the Critically Endangered Blue Throated Macaw, This is the best area in the world to see these endemic Macaws in the wild and its one of the only areas in the world you can observe these Macaws in the Wild.

Our 1-3 day Blue Throated Macaw Tour can also be combined with any of our birding tours in Bolivia including our popular Eastern Bolivia Birdwatching Tour which takes you to visit many different ecosystems and also see the other endemic Macaw to Bolivia which is the Red Fronted Macaw.

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6 JAGUARS IN 4 DAYS !! MAY 27TH-30TH 2016 


During our recent Kaa Iya National Park tour  we were incredibly lucky to see 6 different Jagaurs, 5 Tapirs, 4 Ocelots, 5 Three banded Armadillos and two Grey Brocket Deer.

Please see the below pictures of our latest Tour to Kaa Iya National Park.

The first of the six Jaguars we were lucky to see !
The 2nd of our 6 Jagaur Sightings
The 4th of our six Jagaur sightings
An amazing and rare mother and cub sighting

A beautiful and curious Lowland Tapir which literally walked right up to us
One of many 3 banded Armadillos we were lucky to see.
Ocelot we spotted by the road 
 Our trips to Kaa Iya National Park include visiting the most remote parts of the Bolivian Chaco , where our guides specialise in looking for big mammals, our track record of seeing Big Mammals is excellent and while we never promise the sightings of these species we are sure that this tour is the best chance to see these animals in not only Bolivia but South Amercia.

For more information about this incredible wildife tour in Bolivia contact us today !!