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Every year thousands of travellers from all over the world travel to parts of South America to explore the spectacular Amazon Rainforest, however due to a serve lack of information and publicity Bolivia is usually inexplically ignored in favor of its more famous rivals such as Manus in Brazil or Iquitos in Peru. What most travellers dont realize is that the Bolivian Amazon is extremely accessable, more affordable and due to a lot of factors has a lot better wildlife watching opportunities as well.

Having explored other parts of the Amazon in Peru and other South American countries  I am convinced that Madidi National Park is by far the best option for an Amazon Jungle Tour, not only is it much more affordable you have an extremely good chance to see the Mega Fauna such as Jaguars, Tapirs and Giant Otters. Other reasons which make a trip to Madidi National Park enjoyable is the fact that the base town is small which means pressure of overhunting is minimal and the forest are still extremely pristine, in comparison the Amazon Cities of Manus and Iquitos have grown at such a rate that the population now soars at over 2 million people which has lead to severe depletion of wildlife and their ecosystems.

Madidi National Park has been declared by bioligists as one of the most bio diverse áreas on the planet and to date it has avoided the human disturbance of other Amazon Regions. A recent study has recorded over 1000 different species of birds, a world record and also another study found record numbers of Jaguars found in areas of Madidi.

 The base town where the Madidi National Park tours start from is called Rurrenrabaque, this town can be reached by bus, or better a small flight to the airport.
 There are numerous lodges along the Tuichi River, they vary from backpacker budget type all the way through to Luxury where famous Hollywood actors such as Leonardo de Caprio and others have visited. We always recommend spending a little bit more and book the best tour possible as this makes a huge difference in sighting of wildlife and comfort.
General activities in a typical Madidi National Park tour include boating trips along the river, learning about medicinal plants, bird watching, wildlife watching , sport fishing, rafting, local community visits , night walks and much more !! The amount of wildlife you see varies greatly on which lodge you visit and the time of the year as well, so these factors have to be considered as well.

Excellent local and international dishes are prepared during the Madidi National Park Tours.
Unknown to most the facilities in the Bolivian Amazon are also first class, here excellent chefs, comfortable lodges and well maintained treks and even wildlife hides are available.
Expert local guides looking for the regions many wildlife species

Jaguar sighting in Madidi National Park Bolivia

Comfortable accomodation in Madidi National Park
So if you are looking for a truly memorable experience in the Amazon Rainforest we really recommend a visit to Madidi National Park in Bolivia, it will surely be a highlight of any South American Trip.
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