Thursday, October 27, 2016

2016 Kaa Iya National Park Best Wildlife Sightings

At Nicks Adventures Bolivia we are lucky to visit some of the most remote and pristine areas found on the planet, a prime example of this is the spectacular Kaa Iya National Park , which is the most pristine Chaco Forest on earth.

Its remoteness has protected it from the outside world and is now one of the BEST PLACES in the world to observe Jagaurs in the wild. In addition to Jaguars, its also common to see Pumas, Tapirs, Ocelots, Titi Monkeys, Rattle Snakes, Toucans and even Giant Anteaters.

Our tours to Kaa Iya National Park are aimed at giving our clients the best chance to see these animals in the wild, so please see some of this years amazing wildlife sighings in Kaa iya National Park.

This year we have been incredibly lucky to have seen a huge variety of wildife, here are a few of our favourite wildlife watching moments from our Kaa Iya National Park Tours.
My favourite moment of 2016 , with this 40 minute sighing of this large male Jaguar.

A spectacular close up sighting of a Tapir which we called up to us, with our specialized Tapir Whistle.
Another amazing close up encounter with a young Ocelot in Kaa Iya National Park
One of our best moments of 2016 , with the ultra rare sighting of a Chaco or Solitary Peccary.
A Giant Anteater which was seen by our tourists fighting against a Jagaur for over 40 minutes.
A small Female Puma which literally walked right up to us during our Kaa Iya National Park trip in July 2016

This is just a few of many of our incredible sighings from our tours to Kaa Iya National Park, if you are interested in our Jaguar Spotting and wildlife watching Tours in Bolivia then contact us today at or visit our website of

Thursday, October 6, 2016


Explore the most remote and least touristic National Park in South America

Located in the Santa Cruz department of Santa Cruz is the spectacular,  rarely visited paradise of Noel Kempff Mercado National Park. Such is the diversity of this park is that its been declared world heritage listed. The parks attractions include unrivalled wildlife watching potential including Pink Dolphins, Jaguars including melanistic cats, Pumas, Giant Anteaters, Green Anaconda, Giant Otters, Harpy Eagles, Spider Monkeys and much more !

The park also offers nature lovers a huge variety of different Ecosystems, some the most pristine on the planet, the park consists of Amazon Rainforest, Pampas Wetland, Dry Woodlands and Savanna of the Huanchaca Plateau.

Getting to the park is extremely tough and due to the remoteness , road conditions and logistics it should be only taken after VERY careful planning preperation and consideration and ideally with a licenced Tour Operator /guide. 
There are two ways to reach the park , and thats by land which is extremely lengthy and with a lot of issues or by Air ( which in the wet season is the only possible way )

 The park itself has a few main attractions and they include the following


The Southern Side of the Park is best for wildlife watching and trips via El Refugio Bioligical Reserve or Los Fierros via the Huanchata Plateau are recommended. These areas are home to thriving populations of Jaguars, Giant Otters, Tapirs and even extremely rare species such as the Harpy eagle or Maned Wolf can be seen.

 The North of the Park via Piso Firme or Flor de Oro are best for reaching the major waterfalls of the Park which are the spectacular Arco Iris and Ahfeld Waterfalls. These two waterfalls are some of the most beautiful in South America.

If you are a true adventure/wildlife lover and looking for a unique experience then a visit to Noel Kempff Mercado National Park is the trip of a lifetime !!  The park due to its logistics is not for everyone however those who do make the expedition are left with memories they will never forget.

Join us on our scenic flight over Noel Kempff Mercado National Park - A true highlight of any visit to Bolivia.