Thursday, November 9, 2017


Our newest Bolivian Jaguar Conservation Eco Tourism project

Jaguar with cubs recorded during our wildlife watching tours to San Carlos Reserve.

Located deep in the Beni Department is the spectacular San Carlos Wildlife Reserve. This property is ideally located between pristine savannahs, motacu palm islands and tropical forests, all of which are teeming with wildlife. The different ecosystems, no hunting policy and the remoteness of this property has provided a refuge for a huge variety of animals and as such could be the very best location in all of Bolivia to observe wildlife.

San Carlos Wildlife Reserve offers world class birdwatching.

In the wet season access to the Reserve is via a combination of 4WD and boat trips, this journey is incredible, Capybaras are seen from the road and the birdlife is astounding, occasionally the Green Anaconda can be seen as well.  The boat trip is equally exciting, here black caimans , Macaws and Pink Dolphins are frequently seen and keep your eyes open as Jaguars are often seen hunting or sleeping on the river banks. 

Looking for Pink Dolphins, Black Caimans and even Jaguars 

Activities during the tour include horseriding, boat trips, hiking, fishing, setting up and checking camera traps, birding and 4WD safaris of the reserve.

A Lesser Anteater, seen during a night excursion. PHOTO CREDIT JEREMIE GOULEVITCH

The aim of the conservation project

The aim of this project is to help compensate the landowners who are losing up to 30 cows per year, from Jagaur predation. This has a significant affect on the income of many and in turn Jaguars and other predators like Puma are shot on sight. This conservation project through eco tourism aims to cover these losses and in turn no Jaguars or other animals will be killed. 

 The San Carlos Wildife Reserve Conservation project will also provided employment and additional income, from local guides, cooks, drivers and more, we aim to show locals that native wildlife can really boost the economy and that its more benifical to preserve for the future.

Giant Anteater seen during a horseriding expedition in San Carlos Wildlife Reserve

Night spotlighting for Armadillos  , just another part of the adventure.

If you wish to learn more about this amazing new wildife eco tourism project then visit our webpage of  

Though responsible Eco Tourism we will make a difference and help teach locals that wildlife especially the Jaguar is worth much more alive than dead.


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