Wednesday, October 4, 2017


22 September 2017

Our two lucky tourists had an incredible Jaguar Sighting at the San Miguelito Jaguar Reserve as part of there visit during our 20 DAY Bolivian Wildlife watching package. 

This amazing footage was taken by the Reserve owner Duston Larson during a boating excursion though the Reserve. This property has been previously studied by WCS and boasts some of the worlds highest densities of these big cats, in addition Ocelots, Puma , Tapirs, Giant Anteaters and many other species can be found here in healthy numbers.

Not only did these tours see a Jaguar at San Miguelito, they also observed the extremely rare Short eared Dog in Madidi National Park as well as Maned Wolf , Giant Anteaters in the Blue throated Macaw Reserve and a Jaguar, Tapirs and Chaco Peccaries in the Bolivian Gran Chaco.

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